1. How to set the power connection of the VR chair

– AC power per VR Chair

● The VR chair is a 1:1 connection with the power circuit.

● When using two or more VR chairs, do not connect them all to the outlet that is connected to one circuit breaker of your power distribution board.

● Each circuit breaker needs 220VAC 20A capacity with over 30mA rated tripping current.

● Please do not connect other electric devices to circuit breaker of using 4DVR chair.

2. How to assemble 4D VR Chair

– Take out all parts and material

1. To maneuver level adjuster.1. To maneuver level adjuster.

– Move to installation location.

– Double check the “Precaution regarding installation.”

2. After checking the position of level adjuster, place the Base plate.

3. Place it in the place to be installed (Flat Place)

4. Slowly lower the 4D VR Chair to fix and Assemble.

3. How to connect to the motion platform

● Before using the motion SDK, the user should set up the execution environment for motion platforms.

● The development of an application program using the SDK is largely divided into the following three steps:

1) Turn OFF the power switch (‘O’ is pressed) on the motion platform.

2) Plug the LAN cable into the LAN port on the motion control PC and the LAN port
on the motion platform. (You can also connect routers to the PC and the motion platform.)

3) Unplug the power cord from the motion platform. Turn ON the power switch (‘I’ is pressed).

4. How to set the IP address for connecting to the motion platform

● To connect the motion platform to a local network via Ethernet, set the appropriate Ethernet IP addresses for the motion control PC and the motion platform

1. In Network Settings on the PC, set the IP address to the static (manual) “” (It need not be ‘100’ as long as it does not overlap with the IP set on the motion platform.)

2. The default IP address of the motion platform is set to “”(Open the side cover to manually change the IP address.)

3. In the Command window, enter “ping” and check whether or not the motion platform is connected. (If it is not responding, check if the PC is set to a static IP address or if the LAN cables or LAN ports are in proper condition.)

4. If hardware connection failure persists despite proper settings, open the side cover to check the circuit breaker inside.

5. How to execute Motion Control

● Check if the motion platform is operating using the motion platform test program.

● The sample project is a self-test program, which applies a sine wave to the range of each motion (DOF) and controls the motion with constant speed.

● The user can also set the amplitude and the number of vibrations and check the connection status of each motion device and the operating status of each axis.


1. On the control PC, run the test program(“SDK/MotionLibrary/lib/IMotion_Testbed.exe”).

2. Enter the IP “11” for device number and click “Open” to connect to the device.

3. Click “Settle” for hardware status and ensure that the motion moves to the Start position. (Cmd : 12000, Enc : 12000; approximate values are normal)

4. Click “Neutral” for hardware status and ensure that the motion moves to the Neutral position.

5. Enter the amplitude and frequency of “Heave” and click “Operation” to check motion control. (Enter -30 to 30 for Amp and the play frequency for Freq; E.g. Amp (15), Freq (1))

6. Repeat the process to check motion control for “Roll” and “Pitch.”  (Enter -10 to 10 for Amp and the play frequency for Freq; E.g. Amp (5), Freq (1))