Terms And Conditions

The InnoVR SDK can be distributed for InnoVr motion product(“the Product” hereon) formal purchaser(“the Purchaser” hereon) who wants to test the Product with this SDK and potential purchaser who wants to test the Product before purchasing.

The Purchaser can use this SDK in accordance with the “Purchase Agreement” at the time of purchasing. The potential purchaser can install and try using the SDK, if agreeing to the license below. If you don’t want to follow this license, please cancel the installation.

InnoVR SDK Usage Agreement


Article 1 The goal of Agreement

This Agreement is to define all the affairs and obligations which are associated with the use of the Product by software developers for development purposes.


Article 2 Definition of Terms

(1) “SDK” in this Agreement means software and developer guideline document including motion editor, motion control program, runtime library, sample program and header file.

(2) “SDK Runtime Library” in this Agreement means IMotion, InnoML and DLL files in plug-ins, which are included in InnoVR SDK for the purpose of making it possible to redistribute to “End User”.

(3) “End User” in this Agreement means the indivisual and corporation who purchase or are provided with the software product. “End User” use it in commercial or non-commercial way for their own purpose and should not to do any resale or redistribution including modificaiton, reprocessing and repackaging.


Article 3 Limitation in use

(1)This SDK can be used by the developer only for the interworking development of the Product in its software. You can not copy, modify, rent, sell, distribute or assign to any third party, including “End user,” except as permitted under this License.

(2) This “SDK” is protected by the Copyright laws of Korea and the Computer Program Protection laws. Therefore, we do not allow reverse engineering of program code in accordance with these laws, and we also prohibit infringement of technical protection measures.


Article 4 Effect of Agreement

You agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement, If installing and using this software.


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