Single sSeat Motion Sistem

Can be used in a small space in a compact size.

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“]Impressively Cinema-grade Low Noise !
Excitement for All Ages !
Small Operating Space !
Multiple Seat Link Available ![/feature_img]

[feature_img photo=”723″ style=”style2″ continal=”

“]Unique 3DOF motion of roll, pitch and 90 degrees tilting
vibration and bump on effect
well matched with bobsled VR, extreme motorcycle VR and etc.[/feature_img]

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” title=”Reduce VR Sickness”]Our motion performance of Low Latency and fine tuned Motion Cueing helps reducing your VR sickness ![/feature_icon][feature_icon icon=”fa fa-diamond” continal=”
” title=”Accurate Motion”]Accurate 3DOF motion and outstanidng smooth movement makes your VR experience more comfortable and memorable ![/feature_icon][feature_icon icon=”fa fa-suitcase” continal=”
” title=”Simplify”]Simply linked with LAN connection to your PC which contained VR games or VR videos[/feature_icon]

Add Motion to Your VR Experiences

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